" With brand-name soap companies spending millions each year on misleading advertising, it's understandable why a consumer may question. Typical store bought or "commercial" soaps that may be labeled as "natural" are actually detergents that include chemical hardeners, foaming agents and artificial fragrances. 

 Unlike the word "organic" that is regulated by the USDA, the word "natural" does not come with a set of quality standards or restrictive elements to it. As consumers, we are responsible for understanding what we put in and on our bodies and the best way to do this is by reading the labels and asking questions.And it's not only big-brand store-bought soaps that can be misleading. Artificial fragrances are being put in a large amount of handmade soaps as well so make no mistake, you must ask questions. A great way to know you are getting the real deal is to ask what method the soap maker uses to make their soap, what ingredients they use and what they use to scent their soaps. "

We make our soaps with compassion and care. We use all natural sourced ingredients from companies that are cruelty-free and other sources found in the grocery store. Everything is pure and natural, no harsh chemicals. It's mostly lye mixed with saponified oils such as shea butter, olive oil etc. Our Victorian Cameo Soap for example, is made with pure Aloe and Glycerin. 

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