The Beginning

My name is Shari and I am a board certified Holistic Health Practitioner through AADP (American Association of Drugless Practitioners). I have a full understanding of holistic medicine with a diagnostic specialty in hair mineral analysis testing.  I attended the Beauty Industry Essentials Program from the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology. I have had experience working in the fashion and skincare industry.  I am a total beauty lover and creative spirit. I started making soap with a friend, who became my partner, about four years ago. We started selling them at farmers markets and boutique shows. I then had my items in a couple of local shops. Currently they are only being sold online. The company's name FOI travels back to my grandma's heritage and it stands for "Faith" in French.

The products are made in the kitchen. What makes our products unique is that the ingredients are all pure and botanical. We use no sulfate or parabens. The skincare packaging, glass everything, is sustainable and eco-friendly. All  my products are uniquely designed and individually packaged. No two bottles are alike.  We are definitely cutting edge and provide innovation in the skincare world.